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Far out in the uncharted backwaters of Keene lay small
unregarded Southwestern Adventist College
(now University).
Within its orbit was an utterly
insignificant little student computer
center whose...student life forms who were
so amazingly primitive that they thought
BTI 8000s were a pretty neat computer
These student life forms appeared mostly harmless although
some of them had been known to crash the computer system.
computer center and Heritage Hall (R.I.P.) called their merry,
geeky gang Disaster Area after an inter-galactic rock band from
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" book series.
They appeared mostly harmless.  Under this guise agents, er,
members have infiltrated NASA (yes, you heard me, NASA);
nuclear energy; institutes of higher learning from Coast to Coast;
elementary assimilation, er, education; Mensa; the banking
system; corporate eBay; the healthcare industry on nearly every
level; the higher echelons of a major software company; The
Church; and assorted periodicals -- winning various awards
including an Emmy.  Some spawned and are raising minions in
the traditions of Narnia, Middle Earth, and in the belief that 42 is
the answer.
In the days before Facebook and Twitter, the members
communicated with each other via the list-serv. 
We owe it all to John Craig, who set the whole thing up,
established the Amazon link, and sent the resulting checks to the
scholarship at Southwestern for years (Amazon now mails the
checks directly to the scholarship fund). was great for communicating with the group as
a whole back in The Day.
Now there is a schism (DA members are wont to use words like
schism and wont).  Many DAers Facebook, and many eschew
Facebook. (DAers have a propensity to use words like eschew 
and propensity.  Also: nitwit, blubber, oddment, and tweak.)  So
the list-serv isn’t as active as it used to be.  The domain is used
mostly as a gateway to  For if a DAer answers the
siren call of a certain book/album/movie, they do it in a way to
urge you to visit and do the same.  Tell your
what is disaster-area and who are its members*?
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