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Memorial Scholarship at
Wes Stoops Memorial Scholarship
For over a decade, if a person
wanted to find Southwestern
science majors on any given night,
they simply had to visit Wes
Stoops’ home. Southwestern
students past, present and future,
flocked to wherever Ira Wesley
Stoops, Jr. ('88) held court. Wes
lived only 34 years, from July 22,
1961 until April 5, 1996, but during
his life he regularly welcomed and
entertained friends and students, one
and all. There could never be too
many people around.
“Wes was concerned about how bright, hard-working students in
need were treated,” says David Spells (’88), one of the founders of
the scholarship in Wes’ name, and one of his closest friends. “It
troubled him when students were told to get another job even
though they had a full-time job and a full load in school, or to drop
out of school and go to work for a semester because they couldn’t
pay their bill.” At one point, to help fellow students meet expenses,
Wes and four guys lived in a tiny duplex, with one science major
renting out Wes’ walk-in closet as his bedroom.
Wes himself had to drop out to work in order to earn his degree, but
had no trouble re-entering the campus scene. People were
irresistibly drawn to his warmth, unquenchable thirst for knowledge,
ready wit, and outrageous imagination. He brought laughter and joy
to others, in person and through his writings on electronic bulletin
After his death in a car wreck, friends couldn’t bear for him to be
forgotten on campus. Though Wes had quietly and often
anonymously given of himself (even posthumously as an organ
donor), his friends wanted students to benefit from a fund publicly
set up to honor his memory. Hours after he died, Christine
Cummings-Weis (‘89) worked with Southwestern and Wes’ family to
establish and promote the scholarship fund.
Wes’ death left his family and friends bereft, and left a large void in
the community and church as well. A tribute to Wes in the May 1996
Southwestern Union Record, included the words, “Wes was a quiet,
constant source of strength to his family, friends and work
The departments of mathematics and physical sciences and
Computer Science nominate candidates for this scholarship -- well-
rounded students with a love of learning and an imagination and
innovation that extends into the practical areas of work, problem-
solving and human relations. A committee selects a recipient whom
they feel best reflects the choice Wes would have made as he
sought to help students achieve their goals.
Trixie-Pearl Scholarship
Helping students for years now (text to come).
David and Kim Spells Scholarship
Helping students for years now (text to come).
Spells Family Scholarship
Helping students for years now (text to come).
Weis Family Heritage Scholarship
Helping students for years now (text to come).
Class of 1993 Scholarship 
(Info not available at the moment...)
DinoDig Field Research Scholarship (a work in progress)
This endowment will be awarded as the DinoDig Field Research
Scholarship. The DinoDig Field Research Scholarship will be
awarded to a selected student(s) currently enrolled at Southwestern
Adventist University who will be participating in the
Dinosaur Project. A student majoring in one of the
sciences will be selected in the event that the
Dinosaur Project is not in operation.
The scholarship will provide for the lab tuition and
any remaining funds will be applied to the student’s
school bill the following year. The selection of the
scholarship recipient(s) is wholly at the discretion of
Southwestern Adventist University.
(From the founder: PLEASE if you know of someone that finds
paleontology and the opportunity for Creationists to do field
research important, please share the info on this scholarship.
$20,000 is a lot of money to come up with and frankly, we can't
do it by ourselves.
The purpose of this scholarship will be to pay for a student to
earn college lab credit for participating in the Dinodig conducted
by Southwestern & the Earth History Research Center. The
scholarship will (hopefully) provide some funds for the coming
year as well. This allows bright young minds to have the chance
of going, when otherwise they might not be able to.
Donations are tax-deductible and may be eligible for employer
matching funds as it is a scholarship at a University (check with
your human resources department to find out.) To donate to this
project, you would need to mark your funds DINODIG FIELD
RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIP and send to:  Southwestern
Adventist University Advancement, P.O. Box 567, Keene, TX
disaster-area-affiliated scholarships at Southwestern